Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mid-Summer Activities

Jackson attended a week of Science Camp at a rec center near our house.  While he was at camp one day, Graham and I met Lucy, Alex and Katie at the playground!  Always a good time and lots of smiles with these kiddos :)
Jackson discovered Perler Beads and made a beautiful sun catcher for his room!
Graham and I took a power walk to the construction site for a new library minutes from our house!!!  It's getting there--it is scheduled to open late October!
Jackson LOVED Science Camp, and here he is with several of the things he made: fingerprinting, a fossil, s painted and decorated frame with a picture from camp, and a growing water bead.  
We used the boys' coupons from Summer Reading to get smoothies as an afternoon snack--everyone loves a "smoobie"  :)
Yesterday we headed to Difficult Run for some caching, and to enjoy the pretty day!  Josh and Jackson crawled out on this fallen tree to retrieve the first cache.
Such a trusty helper!
Notice the poor choice of footwear :(  There was some confusion about what shoes were already in the car for Graham... :/  He was a trooper, considering!

Super Graham crosses the river!

Jackson loves any hike that some adventurous crossing like this!
And, if the rock crossing wasn't exciting enough, then there was a rope swing!
I LOVE this picture!  Makes it look like I know what I'm doing in the photography department...

I love spending time with these faces 
We drove to Lake Fairfax for a picnic lunch, and ended up playing in the creek too!  Well, this little guy just threw rocks in the creek that his big brother handed to him...

This guy got IN the creek and had the best time!  Jackson was super proud of this cairn he built!
It also happened to be July 11th, also known as 7-11 Day!!!  We snuck in a walk to 7-11 with our friends and neighbors, the Camerons to get free Slurpees!  That was one of the first things we happened to do together after they moved in last summer, so it's like "our" holiday!  This was an extra special treat right before dinner!  Daddy drove to 7-11 and picked us up so we could go have dinner at Qdoba.  We came back to get the littles in bed before getting together with Kathy and Greg to play Ticket to Ride.  Fun times with good company, a great game, and yummy snacks!

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