Monday, June 29, 2015

Kicking Off Summer!

Don't we all have those lists of all of the things we want to get done/go do during the summer?  I decided to not wait for any specific time, and to just dive into my list this summer!
 We started by hitting WaterWorks for their awesome little kid playtime Thursday morning!  This is one of my favorite activities to go to with the boys during the summer--only the little kid play area is open, admission is discounted, and the hours are earlier than the rest of the water park--perfect!
 Jackson and I still remember when it took both of us to help Graham go down this slide!  Perfect fit now!
 LOVE these smiles!
 Going down the big slide together!

Friday morning we went to Burke Lake Park, where I've been wanting to take the boys FOREVER!  It's a great park, complete with a carousel, a train ride, a cool playground, mini-golf, an ice cream shop, and a lake!
 We rode the carousel first, and Jackson chose this cool horse!
 Graham rode on this little guy!
 They had such a fun time riding around!
 Then we took the train ride, which was super exciting for everyone!
 Two little passengers
 Posing with the engine
 They had an awesome time!  We can't wait to go back--hopefully it won't take as long to plan a visit!
 I had bought a set of 100 plastic, colorful bears for Graham's Teddy Bear Racecar party, and I got them out for him to play with.  The boys had a great time sending them down the ramps!
 We had such a fun week to summer, but we are all getting excited for our big family vacation to the Northeast later in the summer, so we made a paper chain!  We'll cut a link off each day to help us count down!
Daddy took us on a fun geocaching adventure, and then we picked up pizza and had a picnic at a playground nearby!  It was a super fun end to a great weekend :)

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