Friday, June 5, 2015


Well, I sure felt spoiled this last week!  I left Sunday morning to fly BY MYSELF to Chicago for several big occasions: Mom's REAL birthday (the surprise party in March was great, but I wanted to be with her in person to celebrate her actual day!) AND Abbey's baby shower!!!  I could not have been more pleased that these things fell on the same day  :D  I think the time in the airport and on the plane might have been my favorite.  It was the most obvious that I was on my own without the need for extra snacks or chitter-chatter... ;)
 We went straight to the baby shower and had SUCH a nice time visiting with Abbey and everyone else!  I was only there for two days, but we packed in plenty of eating, shopping and relaxing.  I also snuck in a nice, long breakfast date with Brandi and Ellie :)
 Yesterday, I got to go on this special date with Teresa: Book Signing and Chat with Judy Blume!!!  This was my birthday present from Josh, which of course, he presented in the creative manner of a scavenger hunt :)

Getting a copy of her brand-new book signed!  

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