Thursday, June 18, 2015

SUPER Fun Day!!!

Today probably went down as one of the greatest days in Graham's short little life, since he was welcomed at the special lunch during the last week of school!!!  Mrs. LeBel organized ordering pizza for the class and provided juice pouches and carrots.  There were also cupcakes celebrating someones birthday.  Parents (and siblings) were invited to join for lunch, so, of course, we headed over for lunch.  Graham was VERY excited to carry his OWN lunchbox, but he was also offered pizza since there was extra...and a juice pouch...and a cupcake...  This kid ALWAYS scores extra treats!  We both loved spending time with Jackson and his awesome class, but Graham especially enjoyed the extra attention from Mrs. LeBel and Mrs. Warner :)
 We got to come back to school yesterday for the Premiere Panther Party!!!  This ties in with the school-wide behavior program.  There are requirements for the amount of good behavior needed to attend this special end-of-the-year party, and luckily, these two sweet boys made it!  It was REALLY hot, so thankfully, there were SNOW CONES!  
 It was another great way to spend extra time soaking up all we could from the last days of Kindergarten...sniff, sniff!
 The fun did not end there for the day, since Chick fil a hosted a Super Hero Evening!  We headed over as soon as Josh got home, and we had the best time!  This was the first special event we attended at our new, super-close-to-our-house Chick fil a, and they did an amazing job with the decorating and hosting the whole evening!
 Masks to color while we waited for our food
 My three Super Guys!  We all wore our personalized capes :)
 Super hero poses!
 Adorable photo booth area with great props
 Super G and the original Super J!
 Showing his muscles like the Super Hero Cow!
 This was FINALLY as close as Graham would get to the cow!  The cow makes him nervous, in general, but the cow dressed up was just too much.
 Face paint!
So cool!

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