Sunday, June 14, 2015

Graham's Trucks-in-the-Community Party!

 This sweet boy STILL just loves his trucks!  So, even though we did a racecar themed party last year, we needed more things with wheels again this year!  The "cake" was pretty simple, but he loved it!
 My main plan for party activities was to make different trucks out of boxes for the kids to wear and play with in the yard.  We had a school bus...
 ...a mail truck, 
 (back of mail truck)
 ...a garbage truck,
 ...a fire truck (Smith Family Fire Department), 
 ...and, a UPS truck!
 Stop light goody bags all lined up!
 There were bubbles wrapped in caution tape, glo bracelets, and a toy truck inside
 Make your own license plate
 A little humor...
 Snacks just about ready to go!
 Centerpieces were easy!  Vases and pitchers filled with cars and topped off with a racing flag!
 Delivering mail
 Hallie driving the bus and Abby writing some mail
 Truck races!
 Garbage loaded into the garbage truck!
 Getting ready to sing to the big THREE year old!
 "Happy birthday, dear Graham!"Blowing out
 Blowing out his candles!
The Smith family :)

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