Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pumpkin-ing 2012

Another WONDERFUL day spent at Cox Farms!!!  We took advantage of Preview Weekend, and went as soon as we could this year.  We had absolutely PERFECT weather, and had so much fun!  We have always enjoyed ourselves, but Jackson was even more into everything this year!  It was the first year he wanted to go down the slides all by himself, "I'm going to go BY. MY. SELF!"
Daddy and Jackson waiting in line to get in!
Mommy and Grahmmers waiting to get in!
Josh was smart enough to head to The Big Slide first since there tends to be a long line.  But, we were not smart enough to ride it again right away or to get in line for the hayride early :/  Maybe next time!
Jackson also usually doesn't like to climb on and pretend ride stuff like this, but he hopped right up!
Solo Slider
Checking out the huge dinosaur eggs on the way up to the volcano slide!
Jackson DID let Josh ride with him down the Volcano Slide! 
LOVE this bus-top in the field for the goats to climb on!
The goats were not quite as big of a hit as they usually are :(  Jackson's goat food got eaten right away, and then he was more excited to go ride more slides!
The sign says it all ;)  Notice Graham's face is NOT included--HA HA HA!
Riding the Volcano Slide all by himself!
That's Graham's face in there!
Snack break
Jackson loves putting his hands up to go down the slides
Cute little dinosaur slide
I got a turn to go down the big slide--Jackson made sure I knew we were going down next to each other and not him on my lap!
Not a happy farmer :(
Trying the rope swing
Our boys
Obligatory pumpkin patch picture :)
Graham post-Cox Farm!
Jackson LOVED the idea of painting the pumpkins we picked out!  Graham was an excellent supervisor :)
Choosing colors carefully
Yup, that's a red "J" and then he finished painting his whole name around the pumpkin...and then painted over it!
Last one!
Jackson and his helper!

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