Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Graham is Three Months Old!

Since we were gone for Graham's actual two-month "birthday," we went when he was about two and a half months old. Here are his stats:
Weight: 13.25 pounds (56th %ile)
Height: (2nd %ile)--we don't think this was an accurate measurement!
Head Circumference: (97th %ile)
He survived his first road trip--the biggest one we have taken as a family so far!!! On the one hand it was an awesomely convenient time to take him all over, but on the other hand, he and I are so closely connected at this stage in his life, I felt like a lot of people missed out on baby snuggle time :( We will just have to make some more visits soon (although not clustered together in this fashion...)
Graham is showing motions towards a bit of a schedule.  After his first morning feeding he is really alert and happy.  He loves to spend this time on his playmat, and Jackson loves it too since he can really interact with him.  He definitely lets us know when he is done and ready for a nap.  He took his first nap in his bed while we were in Meridian at the Buerstattes' house.  He slept in the Pack-n-Play for about an hour and then over an hour more in Josh's arms.  SCORE!  He is stretching out his daytime feedings more now and it isn't uncommon for him to go closer to four hours between.  He had a bout of lots of spit-up incidents earlier this month, but that seems to have gotten much better.  I'm not sure what it was all about--he was never sad when it happened!  At night, he usually lays down at 8 with Jackson, and then he might sleep until midnight, or he might give us an extra few hours!  Either way, he is just getting up once in the middle of the night.  I still don't mind, especially since he goes right back to sleep!  He eats again closer to 7 and then we are usually up for the day.
Graham has fantastic facial expressions!  Most of them are happy, silly ones, but he is THE MASTER of The Pouty Lip!  Holy smokes!  This kid just puts that adorable lip out there and everyone, "AWWWs!"  LOL  He also has started doing a whimper that sounds like he is trying to hard to hold back his tears.  It is super pathetic, and it gets me every time.  He LOVES having someone to interact with whenever possible.  His favorite place to be is still in our arms, but he's much more patient now if he's in his bouncy seat, swing, or on his playmat.  I'm still struggling with the transfer of careat from car to stroller, but he's getting a bit better.
We LOVE looking at this adorable little face each day, and Jackson is an even better big brother than we could have imagined!!!  We are looking forward to many, many more days of cuteness :)

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