Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall is Really Here!!!

We are LOVING Fall and trying to enjoy EVERY minute of it!  We definitely deserve it after the crazy hot summer we made it through...
One of our favorite things we have been up to this fall is visiting the farmer's market on Thursday mornings in Manassas with Jolene and Owen (Evan joined us a couple times before school started).  Owen and Jackson look forward to playing on the big train engine each week.  There are two pictures above: nice smiles and then silly faces!  We were enjoying the market anyways, but Jackson is signed up for Lil' Hoops in Manassas on Thursday mornings, so it is a wonderful combo :)
Hanging out in the playroom listening to the book Nan recorded :)
Pumpkin Brownies!!!
Before I know it I will have TWO sous-chefs...
I just love how Jackson was snuggled up to Jackson while playing Evan's game
We had the Sacbibits over for dinner, and I love how all of the boys ended up on the couch together :)
And, then there were silly faces...
We went to visit Josh at work, and Graham could not get enough of the scenery!
Check out these cute faces!

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