Monday, September 17, 2012

A Weekend at Windjammer

I just love going to visit Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry in Staunton (their street name is Windjammer, and ever since I met Josh the family refers to the house as Windjammer)!  We went down the weekend of the 8th.  This was a beautiful weekend for it--the weather was finally starting to turn cooler!!!
 We got to introduce everyone to Graham!!!  This picture is of Graham with his great-aunts: Lil and Martha!  As always, Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry put on a lovely get together.  There was TONS of food and good family time.
 Aunt Murph and Uncle Larry got a new dog!  Really, the adopted their grand-dog to live at their house.  Tokyo, or Yoke, was Kerry's dog.  He is a fun dog, and Jackson had a GREAT time playing with him!
 Jackson got this fun sharkfin headband, but we had to have some fun with it on Graham!
 Shark Baby!!!
 Shark Baby eat his new bunny!
 Josh and Graham visiting with Great Aunt Betty and Great Uncle Melvin
 On Sunday morning we headed over to Gypsy Hill Park to walk around.  We specifically went to visit the ducks and play on the playground :)
 Jackson and Yoke checking out the residents
 We didn't actually buy any duck food since they take nickels rather than the quarters we came equipped with, but there were some remnants in the machines!
Clearly, Graham was really engaged ;)  He had a good nap, however!  After the park, we went back to the house and relaxed on the screened-in porch with lunch and some more catching up. 

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