Monday, April 25, 2016

Adventures with Rachel and Ben

The kids were all super excited for our big sleepover with Rachel and Ben at our house, but I knew we were getting to have that fun because the Yanceys' move to Texas was becoming more real and getting closer :(  But, we had lots of fun and did lots of fun stuff!
We drove to Springfield on Thursday afternoon to first pick up Josh at the train station before all of us drove to Susie's family's house to pick up Rachel, Ben and the van that was essential to leaving the house at all over the weekend!  That was a smooth transition, and we drove back to our house to play and have dinner.
Friday was a busy day, but everyone hung in there just great.  Jackson went to school, Rachel and Ben came with me to drop off Graham at school, and they ran some errands with me before we went to have lunch with Jackson at school!  Everyone had lunch AND we brought smoothie treats!  
We snuck in a trip to the new library and a couple more errands before picking Graham up at school.  Graham and Ben napped and Rachel disappeared with the huge pile of library books we checked out :)
After school, I presented Rachel and Jackson with materials to create fairy houses and accessories for the backyard.  This crafting and creating took up a good, long while :)
Breakfast on Saturday as we geared up for the busiest day on the planet!  Josh had a couple of geocaching activities first thing, we all were attneding the Heroes, Helpers and Hot Dogs event at Pattie (including Josh setting up a cool FEMA table), and Jackson had a soccer game right after that!
A little more work on the fairy houses before heading out!
Pictures in our patriotic/fire truck shirts!
Patriotic silly faces!
What a cute bunch!  How did they get so BIG???
I can't believe I was about to take these four out to navigate a large event in public and continue the afternoon without naps!!!
Josh's first customers to check out the FEMA table!
Setting up the sponges before the "rainfall..."
Setting up buildings, cars and animals to see how flooding affects them.
Here comes the rain!!!
Everyone gets a turn to make a flood!

Jackson got to play a game with some marines AND then we got a copy of the game to keep!
Coloring at the National Park Service table
And, then, it was time to visit the fire truck!!!

Master Justin was set up with Tae Kwon Do demonstrations.  He was SO patient with Graham and kept going until Graham finally broke the board.

Trying out the FBI boat!
Safety first!

These two friends...
Sadly, the morning started out REALLY rainy :(  The Heroes event still went really well, even though a lot of it had to be moved inside.  About halfway through the event, I got an email that soccer was cancelled because of the weather.  That was a bit of a relief since the number of kids in our family was double, but the day actually turned into a beautiful afternoon!
These two didn't slow down too much and headed outside for more fairy house playing!
Bath and shower time for FOUR!  This set-up worked wonderfully ;)  Once everyone was all clean, I headed out to pick up an easy and yummy dinner of pizza :)
Sunday morning was pancakes and smoothies for breakfast!

Dance Party!
A little reading as the weekend winds down...  
The kids LOVED all of the time together!  Susie and Joe seemed to have a successful house-hunting trip, and we even got in some hanging out with them when they got back and came to pick up the kids :)

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