Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pattie Field Day!!!

WOWZERS!  This was our second Field Day at Pattie, and it was SO FUN!!!  Last year, the Kindergarten and First Grade students had their events set up at Little Pattie, but this year, all of the students completed the activities at Big Pattie.  That was super fun in itself for the younger kids :)  There was some great signage to help point volunteers in the right direction!  I didn't sign-up to volunteer for this one since I had Graham with me...I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to focus and direct children...
A very helpful map of what event was where
Trying to wait patiently for all five First Grades to line up to begin the Fun Run!
Fun Running!
Each student had a tag hanging from their neck with 20 spots ready for hole-punching--after completing each station, the kiddos got a punch on the corresponding number.  They were allowed to go in any order they pleased, so this helped them keep track of what events they already had tried.  SO FUN!
Jackson and his buddy David all ready to go!  They hit up the Popsicle station pretty early ;)
The Hamster Wheel--rolling around in huge cardboard boxes!
Sack Race
Obstacle Course
Working on a puzzle of sorts with washers and screws
Bottle Toss
I think this was my favorite cooperative activity: the boys each had a piece of gutter, and there was one ball.  They took turns one going in front of the other as they slowly moved the ball from gutter to gutter

Flipping Chickens

Tire Pull
This was such a fun afternoon!  Again, we lucked out with a beautiful day!  I continue to be so thankful the staff plans Pattie's Field Day for a bit earlier in the Spring.  Lots of schools wait until the last week or two of school, and it is just SO hot by then!  Mrs. Wagner and Mr. Houston, the awesome P.E. teachers, really hosted an impressive day :)

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