Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Susie and Dana Day Date

Susie and I love spending time together anyways, but especially with their move getting closer and closer, we made sure to schedule a fun day to spend together!  We went to explore National Harbor for lots of chatting, eating and shopping.
We had an uneventful drive and parking situation and just started walking to enjoy the gorgeous day!  Our first exciting stop was a selfie in front of the Peeps store!  LOL
Our view from lunch at Rosa Mexicano.  It was just so pretty out and our food was really good.
After lunch we walked over to The Gaylord Hotel, which is both massive and beautiful!
We kept chatting and wandering around for a bit before heading back for some shopping.

A photo op before taking a ride on The Capital Wheel!
These are the views we had while riding on the fanciest ferris wheel ride I've ever taken!

We had such a fun day and we truly enjoyed all of our uninterrupted conversation time :)

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