Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Beautiful Spring April Zoo Day

We had a long weekend from school, and Josh had some geocaching plans, so the boys and I headed to the zoo!  
A little snooze on the way
We went because it was a really nice day AND we had a Flat Jonah to show a good time in DC!
It was a great morning to see the pandas :)

This kid LOVES all of the animal statues!

This one likes them pretty ok too ;)

We definitely made time to ride the carousel :)  Jackson got his first choice: Tiger!
Graham also got his first choice: Goat!  Or, Reindeer!  LOL

We hid in a TRex skull!

Jackson wanted to hold Flat Jonah over each letter of the zoo sign.

So, he did!  When we sent Jonah back a packet of our adventures, Jackson made a picture of the zoo sign by cutting out each letter he had sat on and putting them together so he was on each letter :)  We had a really great day :)

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