Friday, April 15, 2016

Pattie Ice Cream Social!

Ice Cream and Books are two of my favorite things!!!  Naturally, one of my favorite events at Pattie is the Ice Cream Social that coincides with the Book Fair!  Teresa and I organized this event in the Fall, and even though it went really great, we were anxious to try a few things differently in the Spring...
We were especially proud of how we revolutionized the ice cream scooping and toppings areas.  In the Fall, there was one long row of ice cream and then toppings.  The line got really backed up several times because of how much longer it takes to choose and serve toppings.  This time, the ice cream scoopers were at the yellow and pink table in the front, but then the line split on either side of those tables and we had TWO sides of toppings going!  The helpers stood in the middle (inside) of the back tables and those needing toppings went on either of the outsides.  It went SO much better!
Toppings all divvied up and ready to go!  
Decorations :)
Lots of room for families to enjoy their treats!
Two ice cream and book loving friends :)
These two were such good sports!  They came on the early side for their treats and hung out until it was time for them to take Jackson to soccer practice!
We had SUCH a beautiful Spring day!  Josh mentioned a cache to me that was along this paved trail, so I loaded up the boys and a scooter and a motorcycle to go find it!
The journey to the cache was really fun, and Jackson was a rockstar finding it right away so I didn't have to climb up the rocky area ;)
Good teamwork!
Scootering and motorcycling back to the car
This cache just happened to be near a wonderful ice cream spot: The Frostie Moose!  What a perfect excuse for a treat!

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