Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Smiths Go Northeast Day 9: Lake Saranac, NY

Needless to say, the weather continued to be not quite in our favor during the rest of our time in the Adirondacks.  It was our only day to do some hiking there, though, so we set off ready for mud and rain.  We managed to stay dry on our hike, but it ended up being a bit more challenging than we ended up on a very slippery spot and had to seriously think about the best way to continue on.  
Mountain Goat Magoo, over here, however, found this rope to just climb his way up!  Looking back, I can't believe I wasn't freaking out more!  Jackson was pretty far ahead of us, and Graham was pretty free... 
Luckily, we all made it to the top!

Then, we lost Jackson!  It was quite terrifying for a few minutes!  As we slowed down on our climb, a few other families had caught up to us, and Jackson had scampered ahead and was with them at another overlook.  They called out to us that he was with them, and I was so thankful for other nice people keeping an eye out for a kid they didn't know!  Phew!
Time for a snack!

As if keeping our kid safe wasn't enough, they also took our picture :)
We hiked back down uneventfully, and headed off to do a little caching!  We did not stay so dry this time, but some strategically placed and sized rocks provided some shelter.
We found the pirate treasure!
Graham plays the little brother role so perfectly!

We headed back to the hotel for sandwiches, naps and quiet time before another canoe trip!
Our canoeing went so well the first day, that Josh decided to set us on a longer course and paddle to a cache!  We got caught in a rainstorm again, but the weather cleared up so nicely afterwards again!  The lake was just beautiful, and it was so fun to have a new activity we all enjoyed!  When we reached the cache location, only Josh and Jackson got out while Graham and I held down the "fort."

After paddling back to the hotel, we got ready for dinner at Tail O' the Pup BBQ restaurant.  We'd passed it our first day in, and we noticed the BBQ sign and the playground!  
The restaurant was sit-down, but it looked like there were different stations set up throughout the area.  There were lots of cute decorations we walked around to see at the end.
A ski lift from the Lake Placid Olympics!
Of course, we loved the lobster statue!
Dessert at The Pine Cone for one last treat on vacation!
Then, it was back to the hotel for the boys to head to bed, and for us to get the car packed up for an early departure in the morning...

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