Friday, August 7, 2015

The Smiths Go Northeast Day 3: Providence, RI---Bar Harbor, ME

We checked out of our hotel in Seekonk, RI and set our sights on Maine!!!  Josh and I had eaten at a DELICIOUS hole-in-the-wall hotdog stand (Flo's Hot Dogs) on our trip nine years ago--found totally by accident!  We kept going back and forth as to whether we should make it a point to stop and eat there again, or if it would end up being one of those things that's always better in memory...  We decided to go for it!  We knew we'd be a bit early, but it would be worth it to kill some time before they opened.
Good thing we got there close to the opening--the line gets just as long as we remembered!  I should have taken a picture of the outside.  It's a super-tiny building with room for about 20 people in line at a time and a very low and slanted ceiling!  There is a counter inside, but no one really eats at it because you would have other patrons in line behind you at all times.  The boys were SO patient!
While we were standing in line, we noticed a flavor of soda that caught our eye: Moxie.  Everyone who ordered it was asked if they'd ever had it because it has a very "distinct" flavor...  Josh decided to give it a go--it was pretty good!
First bites...
Yummy hotdogs!  Flo's has this extra-delicious relish to put on the hot dogs, and the buns are steamed white bread slices, which obviously, are more magically delicious than they sound!
We stretched everyone in terms of sleep in order to sneak in a few other stops we remembered from our last trip!  Here is Jackson in front of the huge window displaying Eartha at DeLorme--the world's largest revolving and rotating globe!  When we were here last time, it was on the way to visit the L.L. Bean flagship store that is open 24 hours, so DeLorme was closed--we only got to look from the outside.
A little closer up...
Inside, and of course, Eartha was a virtual geocache :)
Well!  When we came super late at night last time, we had no problems parking, but this time, in the middle of the afternoon, we had to park really far away!  I can safely guarantee this is the farthest Josh has ever parked to go shopping ;)  The boys hung in there walking from the parking lot by looking for the huge boot!
Jackson with our favorite animal from his namesake city :)
Graham Moose
I could have spent a long time wandering around the store, and there was actually a really fun kids' area, but we were up against the naptime clock, so Josh and the boys enjoyed their time hanging out around this indoor pond while I meandered a little.  It turns out, it's WAY more fun to shop at a store that's open 24 hours at odd hours ;)
We checked into our super-adorable inn for three nights--Open Hearth Inn.  The property is made up of individual cottages as well as a few larger rooms above a barn/garage-like building.  This was the best room of our trip--plenty of room and quite clean!  We got all unloaded and went in search of dinner.  Lobster pounds are quite plentiful in Maine, and there happened to be one within walking distance from our hotel, but it just didn't strike our fancy once we went over to check out the menu.  Thanks go Google, we headed to Mainely Meat, which not only had a unique outdoor eating area and delicious food and drinks, but also a fenced-in play area for the kids!!!  SO needed!
Like a mini-date!
Jackson's first soda, and blueberry at that!
Blueberry beer for me and blueberry soda for my under-age date :)
After dinner we happened upon this cool statue while finding a cache at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.
THEN, we headed to one of my favorite spots of this trip: the sand bar that Bar Harbor is known for!  It was a perfect time for low tide so we could watch this beautiful sunset!
Preparing for a rock-skipping lesson...
Helping Jackson practice his technique
Ahhh...summer vacation...
What a wonderful first night in Maine :)

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