Monday, August 31, 2015

Potato Digging and Pancakes at Great Country Farms

Backpacks were chosen, school supplies were purchased, the first teacher had been met, so it was time for one fun family day before school started!  Great Country Farms has been on our radar for a while, but it is REALLY far away...  I saw a coupon for a pancake breakfast and potato digging, and I snatched that up deciding this would be our last hurrah of summer!
There was a buffet of pancakes, fresh peaches chopped up for topping, syrup, coffee and juice.  The pancakes were surprisingly tasty considering they were made in huge batches.  After filling our tummies, we went straight for the wagon ride our to the potato fields!

Armed with spades and gloves, off the boys set to "dig" potatoes (most of them were sitting loosely in the dirt...
We had never done this before and had no idea how long these potatoes would last, so Jackson and Graham each got to dig five red potatoes and five russett potatoes.  If it goes really well, we can always dig more next year!

The boys loved this!  I love watching them try new things!

We also picked a few peaches before hopping on the wagon again to go explore the rest of the farm!

This enormous jumping pillow was a huge favorite!
Ultimately FREE putt putt (after you return your ball and get your quarters back)!
I love that there's another little guy to learn the golfing stance from his daddy :)

We all got a kick out of watching these piggies be silly in the mud and water!

"I Was an Animal at Great Country Farms!"
Oh, my...this playground... we could have stayed FOREVER!  There was this firetruck-shaped slimbing structure--insta-hit!
Fireman Graham in charge!
This huge rope spiderweb was perfect for this monkey!
 There were a few tunnel slides that both boys enjoyed
 Another playground
This was one of several maze options to work through.  This one involved using caribiners clipped the ropes and figuring out how to get to the end on the same rope, but it didn't quite work.  There was also a more traditional walk-through maze and a really neat maze using different colored paving stones with specific directions of what order you had to walk on the pavers.  

We didn't even see some parts of the farm!  We LOVED it and are even talking about coming here for our annual pumpkin outing...  The boys loved it all--the U-Pick sections, the wagon rides, the slides, the animals, the playground and all of the fun little things in between.  An excellent end to summer :)

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