Saturday, August 29, 2015

Clemyjontri, Meet the Teacher, and Cisco

Another item on the Summer Bucket List was going with the Cameron family to Clemyjontri playground where Phoebe would be able to play too, even if she wanted to sit in her chair!
Graham is the charter member of Esther's fan club!  He just loves her, and she is so patient with him!
Jackson had been to this playground before, but Graham was an infant, so he definitely had a great time checking EVERYTHING out!
Group shot including a couple of friends of the Camerons.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Phoebe using one of the special swing--it was so neat!
Everyone enjoyed a ride on the carousel :)

I can't believe Thursday was Meet the Teacher for First Grade!!!  I am so thankful that Josh values this time with Jackson, and his education, and made it a priority to work around this outing.  Jackson LOVED setting up his supplies in his desk, chatting with Mrs. Chapman (who was his pick at the end of last year for who he wanted this year), looking around the room and catching up with some old friends in the hall.  We capped the morning off with a delicious lunch at Five Guys for our newly-hamburger-loving guy :)
And, it was a special deal day at Sweet Frog, so we scored some yummy ice cream as an afternoon treat with Graham!
Yesterday, we finally worked it out to go meet Katey's horse, Cisco!  Katey LOVES horses and is lucky to have her own that the Zencuchs board not too far away.  I realized that I liked the idea of hanging out with the horses way more than actually doing it, since they are not, in fact, just big dogs... ;)
Katey and handsome Cisco
Izzy, Graham and Jackson had a fun time playing in the tack shed
Graham would let Miss Teresa hold him and pet the horse herself, but he wasn't too sure...
Watching Katey work Cisco out
What a good boy!
And, it was ok for Jackie to feed him, but still not Graham
Just a girl and her horse!  It was a great field trip, even though the boys weren't quite sure what they thought of all of the horses hanging around... :)

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