Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Smiths Go Northeast Day 5: Bar Harbor, ME

We started our second morning in Acadia with a hike getting this view!!!  I used Joe's Guide to Acadia to plan most of our hiking for this visit, and this morning we hiked around Jordan Pond with a view of North and South Bubble Mountain.
Then we drove over and parked to start out on Ocean Path--this was a perfect choice for our crew!  The actual hike was pretty low-key, but there were lots of opportunities to climb out on the rocks and be a bit more adventurous.  I love this picture of the boys suited up with their Camelbak backpacks!
So fun to have a drink right on your back!  Thanks, Uncle Larry and Aunt Michelle for such a cool and big boy birthday present!

Checking out what's down below...

Josh and Jackson climbed out to that point to look out over the water and check out an official USGS Benchmark.  
The picture of them climbing up to the spot does not do justice to how cute it was to watch my little boy be such a big boy with his daddy :)
Checking out the view

Jackson is like a mountain goat--he seems so comfortable navigating rocky areas!
Exploring a tide pool :)
We made several stops along the path including Thunder Hole which is named that because the waves can come into a narrow area and make a thunder sound if they crash just right...  Another spot the boys could have stayed forever and watch/listen!

Up close in the tide pool

We finished up our exploration of Ocean Path just in time to head to get some pizza for lunch and then walk across the sand bar at low tide!
All of this was underwater hours ago!

A field of creative and unique cairns!
Working so hard on his creation
Such a cheeser!
So proud :)
LOVING all of the memories we are making as a family!
We weren't sure what our schedule would be like since we were somewhere different pretty much everyday of this trip, but we did agree that we weren't going to be super strict about naps or sleep schedules.  For the first couple of days we stuck to just letting Graham nap in the car, since we were usually between destinations at that time of day.  Even though we stayed in one hotel for multiple nights in Maine, we still weren't sure whether we wanted to commit to going back to the hotel mid-day for a nap, but we tried it on the first day, and it worked out so well!  We were able to sneak in showers before dinner and have some down-time for everyone allowing us to stay out later after dinner!  The weather was even more glorious and the crowds were pretty much non-existent later in the day.   We ate dinner at Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, which had a great area of picnic tables to eat outside and a selection of hula hoops and ladder ball for the kids to play with!
Love my littlest Buddy Bear!
Little Brother getting right in there too to see what Big Brother is doing ;)
Nature really is so beautiful
Such a great shot to capture!
Off we go!
I'm not quite sure what Jackson's pose was supposed to resemble here..
Being silly!
These next pictures are a perfect example of how geocaching takes us places we NEVER would have gone!  Because we were looking for a cache, we ended up in a tucked away area with amazing views of the water and gorgeous houses sitting right on the lake.

Once we ran out of light for caching, we went in search of ice cream!  A great end to a wonderful day!

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