Friday, August 21, 2015

Our Special Harbor Sprayground

Well, our get-away vacation might be over, but there are still a couple of weeks of summer left, and I still had some things on my Bucket List!  One big one was Our Special Harbor Sprayground!  I've heard such great things about this FREE sprayground with awesome playground next door.  I also overheard several area moms talk about taking picnic dinners there when the crowds weren't so heavy.  LOVED that idea!  So, we picked up Josh as a nearby Metro stop after work and went to check it out!
Making himself at home
The whole area was just so cool!  One fun thing to discover after the next!
Experimenting with the shooting fountains
Water guns!
And, of course, bucket dumping!
We had such a great time watching the boys play together and explore!
Of course, Josh got in on the water gun action!  This really was a great time of day to go--I can't imagine trying to keep an eye on the boys when it's busier with camp groups, etc.
After a picnic dinner we explored the equally awesome playground!  The whole thing was tree-house themed.
Spiderweb climbing area
Lighthouse slide
The boys were so sad to leave, but we will definitely be back!

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