Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth Day Weekend!

During Earth Day weekend there was lots of Geocaching going on!!!
Our first event was a Cache In Trash Out event at a local elementary school.  Armed with gloves and garbage bags, we helped clean up the field and playground!  The boys LOVED it!  I think the smaller you are, the smaller pieces of trash you find!
After the official event, we did some caching in the neighboring area.
There was one cache in particular that we searched for A LONG TIME to find!  We finally found it!
Josh with the fun find inside
Placing the cache back right where we found it's tricky spot!
We came home for some rest time, and to get everything ready for the babysitter before heading out on a big hiking date!  Josh has been doing some long hikes to go after a bunch of geocaches, and I wanted to go too, but at a grown-up speed!  ;)  It rained on us for the majority of our time, but we still really enjoyed it!  We had the forest to ourselves, it was so peaceful, nobody needed constant snacks or to be carried, and we just enjoyed being together!  We certainly earned our delicious Buffalo Wild Wings dinner!
Sunday morning brought another CITO event for Josh and Jackson--at Leesylvania park.  Then they went on to a goecaching picnic, all before soccer!
Check out these cute cookies someone made!  We finished up the weekend with our first dinner on the deck and dinner from the grill!
 BIG bite of burger!
 Not only did he EAT the burger, but he requested it!  HOORAY!
Love these boys!

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