Sunday, May 3, 2015

2nd Annual Birthday Weekend

Last year, I had such a good time during my birthday weekend, that we decided to repeat it!  We started off yesterday morning with the Manassas Air Show.  This year, they did the parking a little differently, so we had to park in remote lots and take shuttles to the airport.  The shuttles were school buses, and I'm pretty sure Graham liked that part the best!  
If you look super closely inside the jeep, you can see two little faces peeking out!
My three favorite men...dressed in orange!
Checking out the cockpit together
HAD to take a picture in front of this ORANGE plane!
Checking out more planes!
We packed a picnic lunch and watched the beginning of the actual airshow before taking a shuttle back to the car and heading home for naps.
After rest time, Josh and I headed off on my birthday date to meet Joe and Susie at Burke Lake Park to play frisbee golf again!  We had an equally beautiful evening and fun time!  And, of course, Red Robin was the dinner restaurant of choice.  It was so fun celebrating (a little early) with friends and fun memories :)

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