Friday, May 8, 2015

Potty Training for Graham!!!

Preschool is approaching in September for Graham, and we knew tackling potty training would be better soon than later, so we didn't feel any more pressure!  To prepare, I read the blog I wrote about our experience with Jackson, and then re-read the 3-Day Potty Training packet.  Reviewing what we did with Jackson made me feel slightly less anxious...  We had Paw Patrol and Olaf and Sven undies ready to go along with lots of delicious drinks!
First pair of undies...
...and first chocolate milk!

Graham did AMAZING!  I was so, so, so nervous!  It just seems like such a big deal!  He obviously peed all over the kitchen floor for his first experience, and that really upset him.  For the rest of the first day, he kept telling me when he had to go potty!  There were several false positives, when he said he had to go, we ran in there, and then nothing happened, but I'd MUCH rather have it that way!  He did have one accident, because I broke "the rules" a little and we did play outside in the afternoon.  He went in the garage to get a toy, and that was that.  No biggie.  Everything has pretty much continued like that from then on!!!  He is much better at telling when he REALLY has to go, we even have a little lead time when he tells us.  Not very many accidents at all, and we don't have to nag him every five minutes to see if he has to go potty.  We do try to remind him during the day, but he's doing just awesome!!!  We are still using diapers for sleep times, but there isn't any confusion over that, so we'll continue rolling right along!  We have resumed our regular schedule of daily life, and Graham has no problem using public bathrooms, porta-potties, or peeing in the woods!  LOL!  I'm so proud of my Snuggle Buggle :)