Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spring Caching, Plus Some Cute Boys

 Graham and I logged our first First to Find!!!  It was a special kind of geocache called a Where I Go, and it's more typical of a scavenger hunt.  You go to the starting spot, and your GPS follows along and pings up with the next question to answer/clue.  After you input the desired response, it moves on to the next one.  We completed this one by walking (twice because I didn't complete the program correctly) the path adjacent to the Marine Corps Museum.  It was a beautiful day, and I was SO proud of myself!!!
 Snuggled up under the favorite blanket in the house
 Rockin' out like such a big boy now!
 I was dying during this whole concert!
 This was one of my favorite hikes so far that we've taken the boys on for geocaching.  Their first pieces of swag were tiny ninjas!

This whole series was associated with Ranger Rick!  There was a special card in each cache with extra information/questions.  The hides were just so appropriate and fun!
 Looking out from the bridge
 Such a nice day with my boys :)
 This is Jackson posing with the map he followed all by himself to this cache!!!  It had a map to print out because it was a letterbox cache.  For letterboxes, the cache is not usually at the posted coordinates--there is a map to follow to get to the hiding spot.  
 He also signed the log on his own :)
 Taking advantage of some cool photo ops at this construction site.  You can't quite tell, but Graham is less than thrilled to be sitting in that bucket...
 This one was much better!
 Taking a snooze
While we let Graham snooze in the car, Josh took Jackson to a cache he had already found, but knew Jackson would get a kick out of.  

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