Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Weekend!

Josh reported his time in August at the Masters was amazing and better than he ever imagined!!!  He brought home quite a few souvenirs, including the baggies the famous sandwiches come in.  He always has loved pimiento cheese sandwiches, but I looked up a copycat recipe for the ones served at August, and made it for his lunch on Friday: 
 ...and packed the sandwiches in the special baggies :)
 Apparently, there is now a National Siblings Day!  Coincidentally, Jackson informed me this is the best part of having a brother!  Perfect!
 On Saturday 7-11 offered a sale to bring in any container and fill it with Slurpee for the price of a medium Slurpee ($1.50)!  There was a limit, but it was quite generous...  We took a family walk and got a delicious treat!  Jackson chose the classic combo of wild cherry and Coca-Cola.
 Graham loved the treat too, and after the bucket was washed, he would point to it and say, "That was (a) fun treat!"
 The bucket was obtained at the National Zoo during ZooLights a couple of years ago when my dad bought popcorn--we've had it ever since!  It was PERFECT for this!
 It was a gorgeous day, and we played outside and told our neighbors all about this special treat deal so they could enjoy it too!  The Yanceys came over for taco dinner and to hang out--all in all, a super fun day!
 I love everything about Jackson's reading ability, but this might be my favorite :)
 I Love You, Stinky Face!
 Soccer Sundays have begun!!!  Jackson found his buddy, Athan, who was playing on the field next to us--they were really excited to see each other :)  The game went really well, especially with substitute coach, Josh!
These two are the sweetest and cutest fans!!!  I think they actually like each other, but they for sure love sharing seats and snacks :)

Josh and I finished off the weekend with a date to see a movie and have dinner.  It was so nice out, so we got in a little geocaching that included a pretty walk too :)

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