Monday, April 6, 2015

The Best Easter Ever!

Jackson was counting down to Easter for all of Spring Break!  For some reason, he was looking forward to it extra this year!  He was hoping it was going to be the best Easter ever, and I was a little nervous going in...
 The boys woke up to baskets first thing in the morning as well as a few eggs hidden inside the house.  The Easter Bunny left a note promising more eggs to hunt later!  Jackson was ecstatic, but he was also adamant about waiting until Daddy was awake to find the eggs or look in the baskets!  E.B. hid those preliminary eggs to be found first thing since Daddy was sleeping off the stressful drive of the entire day before!  But, wait we did!  
 Chocolate bunnies, new beach towels, bubble guns and adorable light up bunnies!
 Post-nap/quiet time egg hunt outside!!!

 NO surprise that this guy took a break to see what treats were in the eggs!
 All of the found eggs!
 Happy Easter!
 These bubble guns are such fun!
 Put your hands up!
While we enjoyed the beautiful weather, I got a yummy dinner in the oven of Parmesan pork chops, rosemary potatoes and honey garlic carrots.  We took a walk after dinner, and then had a nice, early bedtime!  Jackson declared it really was the best Easter ever!  Success!

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