Saturday, April 4, 2015

Playground Fun and Catching up with the Bouys!

 Thursday was a quieter day, and the weather was still beautiful, so we all walked down to Central Park, the playground about four blocks from Mimi and Bampa's house.
 I love that you can see Jackson sliding across in the background!  I'm so artsy!  ;)
 He almost blends in!
 Father-Son Seesawing
 Bampa showing Graham how it's done 
 A lovely Spring picture!
 It's been about a year since Cassie and I saw each other, and even longer since the kids hung out!  Baby Brody is brand-new, and we were so happy to work out a time to "run" up to WI to see them!
 Graham could not get enough of Brody, and he just wanted more and more turns holding him!  Zoey and Graham were so cute loving on Brody :)
 The littlest Smith and the littlest Bouy
 These two had an EXCELLENT time!
 Cassie helped all of the kids make delicious pizzas while I was on baby duty.  It was hard work ;)
 Rolling out the dough
 Spreading out the sauce
 Adding cheese and pepperoni
 Graham's turn!
 Silly boys!
These four lined themselves up in birth order!  Jonah is almost exactly one month younger than Jackson, and Zoey is about three months younger than Graham.  It's a cute bunch :)

I LOVED having a personal tour of Cassie's beautiful new home, and of course, we all loved meeting Baby Brody!  The kids played so nicely together, and Cass and I actually got to finish several conversations!  

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