Friday, April 17, 2015

Jackson's First Field Day!!!

I am thrilled that the PE teachers decided to make a typically end-of-year event, Field Day, earlier in the Spring, so the weather wouldn't be so warm.  It worked, and we had a BEAUTIFUL day for these Kindergarteners' FIRST Field Day!!!  The theme was Harry Potter, and the stations were perfectly planned for the amount of knowledge these kiddos had about Harry Potter while showcasing the skills they've worked on all year.
 Station #1 included a relay-style race to stack these special giant cups to make a Hogwarts-like castle!

 Jackson ready to race back after adding a cup to the stack!
 Check out these cool "castles" the teams built!
 Station #2: Rest with some Ice Pops :)
 Graham even got offered an Ice Pop!  Lucky dog :)
 Waiting to go to the next station...
 Station #3: A Quidditch-like activity with trying to kick the ball in the goal
 The hand-off!
 Station #4: Racing to the Golden Snitch!
 There were two relay teams lined up for each tee with a "golden snitch" placed on it.  A player from each team ran to the snitch, took a turn picking it up and putting it back, and then running back to tag the next teammate.
 Station #5: Dizzy Brooms!  This was hilarious!
 The kids had to pick up the bat ("broom"), spin around three times, and then run back!
Station #6: Dragon Chaser--All but one child had a scarf "tail" tucked into their pants, and the one chaser started it off by grabbing a tail off of a friend.  That friend then became a chaser too.  The idea was to be the last one left with a tail.  This went better than us parent spectators thought it might...

The kids had a BLAST!  It was really fun seeing what they have worked on so far!

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