Sunday, March 1, 2015

Holding Down the Fort

Well, it hasn't been a pretty month of school...we had a two-hour delay after our two snow days followed by another cancellation to finish out the week.  Josh left Monday for San Francisco, and we started our week on our own with a two-hour delay!  I went ahead and still went in for my weekly volunteer session in Jackson's class, and you could tell the crazy schedule has been affecting them--they were just a tad more restless and chatty...
Jackson and I had a little movie night complete with the "popcorn with butter and salt, just the way he likes it!"  We watched "Box Trolls," and it was pretty cute.  Unfortunately, Graham threw up in the middle of the night!  It was really sad, but thankfully, it was just one time.  I kept him awake for a little while with me in my bed, but he just wanted to play!  That's when I decided he should go back to bed!  ;)  We laid low the next day, and even thought he was acting totally fine, I took it all slow, so I could be sure he was feeling better.  My friend, Katie, was so amazing and brought Pedialyte over for Graham...and Starbucks for me...which was such a lifesaver!  
Graham continued to feel good, so it was just a little something!  Unfortunately, I think I got a touch of what he had and felt pretty nauseous and uncomfortable for a lot of the day.  Bleh!
Jackson earned himself the reward of a new game: Battleship, because he was so amazingly helpful and cooperative while Graham was sick and I wasn't feeling well.  He really was amazing!
Ah, another snow day!  
This snow was the best for building a snowman, so we built another friend!
Another amazing helper I had all week was Loren, one of our favorite babysitters!  She lives just three doors down, and she was a lifesaver coming over each night after the boys were in bed while I went down the street to take care of pet-sitting duties.
I rewarded myself with a Shamrock Shake since I made it through the week!  I will not be thwarted by a two-hour delay, one puker, one almost puker, a snow day and keeping four extra things alive as I pet-sat down the street!  Success!
Daddy returned with this awesome present!
Enjoyed by all :)
We are so happy to have our daddy back!  

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