Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow? What Snow?

Yesterday was declared a snow day and school was closed.  The thing was, we already knew by about 7pm the night BEFORE--not one snowflake had fallen!
This is what the deck and backyard looked like around breakfast time...
And, the front yard...
Making the most of the day and staying in our jammies!
Cheesing brothers with their dinos  :)
Checking out the dinosaurs
LOVE seeing Jackson read to Graham!
Sitting in their nest while Izzy hatches a dinosaur egg!
Well, the snow finally came--this is after lunch.  
Izzy was SO sweet and brought over some of the boys favorite toys when she came over for a playdate! Jackson loves wearing this policeman dress-up outfit at her house.  Complete with Nerf gun!
Today was another snow day, of course, and it too was called ridiculously early yesterday...  Trying to think of more fun activities: Dot painting!!!
It is amazing how Jackson's technique has progressed from one color of paint all over the page to various colors in more precise spots.
A fresh blanket of snow!
More sledding!  It takes a village to help a Graham sled:  Ashley walked him up the hill and got him set up on the sled before giving him a push...
Alyssa stood guard by the tree to make sure Graham didn't get off course, and then I caught him at the bottom!
Back in our yard, Graham was SO content playing in the house and clearing off various areas of snow.
Nothing like sliding in the snow!
Fun with Daddy!
Sledding Brothers!
The snow in March was a little ridiculous, but it was pretty!
We finished off the night with homemade Snow Cream!
It was approved by all!
Cuties :)
Ending the night with more reading from Big Brother!

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