Monday, March 16, 2015

The Bashores Back in Virginia!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a very exciting text: Rachel wanted to know if we were around and if they could stay with us for a few days--of course!!!
What else do two little boys need besides a buddy, cars, trucks, and animals?
Getting ready to go to the bus stop!
Silly faces!
High fives!  They arrived Thursday morning, and we got to spend most of the day together.  Jackson was really excited to see Reagan, Avery and Levi at the bus stop!  The weather cooperated, and it was just like the old days with all of the kids playing outside together.  We all had spaghetti dinner together before we introduced Rachel and Jake to Ticket to Ride--our new favorite game!  We stayed up playing for a while!
On Friday, I had a little volunteering to do at school, so Graham stayed home with Rachel.  Avery was off to a playdate, and Reagan was spending the day with a special friend, Madi.  She was LOVELY, and I was so glad to get to know her a bit.  Rachel took me to lunch with the girls, and we had such a good time visiting in peace without sweet little boy chaos around us.  We picked Jackson up from the bus and loaded up for a fun treat at Sweet Frog!  

Sweet faces!
Nora brought Christopher and Nicholas too!
Big day as Jackson FINALLY lost a tooth that had been SUPER wiggly for a LOOOONG time!
The kids all played outside again before taco dinner, followed by Aimee coming over for Rachel to show us some of the products she likes and is selling with Mary Kay.  It was SO nice to have some of the original friends/neighbors to hang out :)  We stayed up late again playing more Ticket to Ride :)
Showing off what the Tooth Fairy brought!
It was Pi Day!!!  Josh went to a geocaching even in honor of it.  The girls had playdates, so us grown-ups took the boys to Chick fil a for lunch and to play.  We used naptime to play more Ticket to Ride!  LOL!  We are such enablers!  Then, the boys and I headed to DC to the Carrillos for Diego's third birthday party and the Bashores started getting ready to meet some friends for dinner.  That was all well and fine, until we pulled up in front of Diego's house, and I realized the party was set for Sunday, not Saturday!  
Luckily, they were home and didn't mind unexpected guests!  
We played for a while, Diego opened his presents, and then we headed back home.  I was so embarrassed!
That's a lot of cuteness on that couch!
A little photo time before bed!
Friends :)
Sunday started off with such a bummer of having to say good-bye to the Bashores :(  To think there were only three of these kids when we all moved in about four years ago...
Sweet friends!!!
Graham was devastated that there was no cake at the birthday party that wasn't, so we distracted ourselves by making cake to take to the Yanceys for dessert!
Licking the beater
They took this job seriously...

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