Sunday, March 22, 2015

Touch a Truck!

Last year, the boys and I went to Touch a Truck while Josh was in NC living March Madness, and this year, the same event was also conveniently during the first weekend of madness!
 First truck of the morning!
 Not pictured is a small, daycare sized bus that Graham was dying to get on.  That was the start of his excitement to try out all cars and trucks :)  Here is Officer Jackson and his perp, Graham!
 The Martins Bread truck opened up its back for kids to run around
 Checking out the trolley as passengers.....
 ...and then as drivers!

 This moving truck had little dollies and empty boxes for the kids to practice moving!
 There they are!
 A Gator ON a tow truck!
 Graham having a turn
 This was cool!
 Jackson and one of the robots from the bomb squad truck!
 Random, but really cute!
 SO cool!
 The back was decorated really cool!
 An old-timey car
 Jackson was all about a photo op with the cow, but Graham was clinging to me for dear life as I took this picture!
 First face painting!
 Jackson got a police car and Graham had a star :)
On TOP of a fire truck!  The boys LOVED their morning with the trucks, as I knew they would :)  

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