Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Fire Truck Visits Talon Drive!

Clay lives next door, and he turned three, so his mom and dad arranged for the fire department to visit as part of his firefighter themed party!!!  The truck came complete with Sparky, the fire dog!
Jackson LOVED Sparky!  Graham, not so much...  He made me stand behind a snowbank on the sidewalk to be sure there was a barrier between him and Sparky.  He was petrified :(
The guys unrolled the fire hose!
Graham FINALLY let go of me, so Miss Kathy could hold him while I checked in on what Jackson was doing.
Jackson was the first one to hold the hose and spray the water!!!
Check it out!
Awww!!!  Good thing Graham wore his boots :)
That's about as close as Graham let Sparky get to him!
Fireman Jackson!
Enjoying some yummy food, and of course, cake later!
Sunday was a really nice day, but there was still a little snow on the ground, so while I was out in my capris, Jackson suited up in all of his snow gear to get a little more sledding in!  LOL

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