Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Automatic Snow Day

I'm learning after living here for seven years now that if it snows one day, and school is cancelled, the following day will result in no school as well since ALL of the roads in the county will not have been plowed...  So, we geared up again (I'm getting much quicker!) and out we went!
The snow was in a bit better shape for building, but we still were only able to achieve a snow blob--LOL!
Love how he turned out!
Jackson loved his special fort!  Formed thanks in part to the snowplow and the rest thanks to Daddy when he shoveled out an opening to the storm drain.
Enjoying our little hill
He kept throwing himself down the hill all different ways
Even Graham realized belly first was the best!
He is in LOVE with sledding now that it's a smaller-scale hill!
Napping hard after playing hard!
Another board-game filled afternoon!
Esther was a genius!  When we back to her house to sled, she took Graham down to the bottom where there is sort of a smaller hill, and she worked back and forth to get Graham set up at the top and then caught him at the bottom so he didn't head face-first into the fence.  He LOVED it!  Another fun day!  But, tomorrow is looking cold...

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