Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Extended Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day Eve: Graham and I attended a birthday party for Graham's friend, Hallie, who was turning three!!!  She's a Valentine's Day baby, so all of the activities were heart themed.  We both had a great time :)
Graham's cute heart hat he decorated!
Pin the Lips on Miss Valentine!
SO cute in the blindfold!
This boy LOVED the pink lemonade and cupcakes :)
Jackson made these valentines to take to school: "I'm so glad I "found" you, Valentine!"  Unfortunately, Jackson got sick in the middle of the night, and spent yet another Valentine's Day on the couch with the trash can nearby :/  Poor guy!  Graham and I ran out and picked up Qdoba for dinner for Josh and me: it's been our Valentine's Day tradition for years, and we haven't let the last two years of a sick kid stop us!  
Finally, two days late, we were able to open cards and celebrate a little with some treats and the boys :)

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