Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A REAL Snow Day!

We've already had several delayed starts and cancellations for school, but we finally got a serious amount of snow!  (Well, serious by the standards of this part of the country...)  Graham desperately wanted to go out to help Daddy "dig!"
I had bought this cute snowman kit before Christmas, and Jackson was SO excited to get it out today!  The snow was not quite right for packing, though :(
Izzy came down to play!!!
Love hanging with this crew :)
The Camerons were wonderful hosts for their first winter season and opened their backyard (with the best sledding hill) for guest sledders :)
Just for scale--that's Izzy and Jackson at the bottom!
Esther is such a big helper, and she jumped right in to take Graham sledding!  He was not such a fan...  He spent the rest of our time hanging out on the swing and watching the rest of the kids.
Look at all that pretty white snow!
This friendship makes me smile :)
Izzy sledding
Love that smile!
Back towards our house for some work on a fort and snow piles
This digger isn't allowed to dig up our flower beds, so Graham was thrilled to put it to use in the snow!
Snow angel time!
Warming up by the fire before lunch
Game time while Graham napped :)
Back outside for a little more playtime!
Kings of the Snowpile!
Sledding down our just-right-sized hill in the backyard!  Chances are no school tomorrow either...

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