Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pumpkin-ing 2014

As soon as preview weekend was announced, we had Cox Farms on our calendar!  
On our way to the hayride, we stopped to see this friendly wolf.
Ever since we discovered the hayride two years ago, it has become our first stop since the line can get really long!  It did not disappoint, and we had such fun checking out the decorations.
Checking out the tractor
Visiting with a cow
These yellow chairs are so cute!  They were also a stamp-able activity on the new activity cards passed out upon entry.  I think there were 12 different areas to visit.  By each activity, there was a freshly constructed rubber stamp station to mark the stamp cards.  At the end, if you collected all of the stamps, you received a scratch-off card to win a prize.  Both of our scratch-offs granted us a free weekday afternoon admission.  Not sure if the new school schedule will allow for a repeat visit, but we'll keep it in mind!
On top of the farm!
Monkey see, monkey do!
 Working hard to lift some hay bales.
Slides are fun!
A second go 'round!
I'm wondering if Jackson heard some other kids talking, but he explained that he sat this way because it makes you go faster.  We've never told him that!
Working hard to get up to the rope swing!
Hanging out in Goat Village!
Trying to feed a goat friend.  Jackson found part of a cone on the ground, and he tried probably 10 goats, but none of them wanted to eat it!  I wonder what they knew that we didn't...  Overall, Goat Village was not QUITE as entertaining as in past years, but it was still a fun stop.
Graham LOVED this time to climb on an old fire-truck-turned-play-structure!
One of the new features this year was this yard of old motorcycles dug into the ground for playing on!
I sure hope we don't have a stuntman in our future...
Or two!
We enjoyed a walk through the Cornundrum.
Conductor Super Moose!
Smith Family at Cox Farms 2014
Fall Cuties :)
The Yanceys were there too!  We saw them here and there, which was a fun perk!

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