Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pumpkin-ing 2013!!!

 Cox Farms was an absolute blast again!!!  This is definitely one of my favorite family traditions!  Blogging about it is second best because I like to go back to the posts from other years and see how everyone has changed :)  I linked to them at the bottom in case anyone else is curious :)

Our first stop this year was the hayride, because Josh had never been on it!  The boys and I went with my mom last year, and it was so awesome, we knew we could never miss it in the future!  Josh was impressed, and we all loved it!
 Our past experiences have also taught us to head to The Big Slide right away too before the line gets too long.  Josh and Jackson had a great time riding, and then I ordered them to go again right away since I hadn't been able to get a good photo op ;)
 Silly Farmer Jackson
We got to see a demonstration about milking a cow, and then the kids all got to try it!  Poor cow...
 There was a new piece of equipment--a real fire truck turned into a slide!!!
 I don't remember there being dressed-up animals before, but Jackson was all about them this year!  Not so much for the hugs, but he liked giving a high five and then thumbs up :)
 I was too slow to get a picture of Jackson coming down the barn slide, but I got Josh!
 Jackson thought this flower person statue was funny!
 Thumbs up for the cow!
 Jackson going down the volcano slide
 Mommy and Graham on the volcano slide!
 He loved it!
 Goat Jackson...
 ...and Goat Graham--pretty similar!
 And, then it was time to feed the goats!  Jackson's cone of food lasted MUCH longer this year, and he got to share with several goats.
 Still feeding
 It didn't occur to me until we were at the farm how funny Graham and the goats would be!  It totally lived up to the hype in my head-_LOL!
 Daddy supervising the petting and feeding
 Let me pet you!
 Peeking out at the all of the goats!
 So, what's new?
 Farmer Jackson
 Farmer Josh
 Graham on the side in the stroller and Josh and Jackson peeking over the sign.  We all rode Dino-Slide one more time!
 Pumpkin Jackson
 Pumpkin Graham
 Obligatory pumpkin patch shot
 LOVE these two!  Super pumped that they were able to wear their new Halloween glow-in-the-dark shirts!
 Sweet boy exploring the hay
 It was pretty empty, so we used some props...
 Hey, where did this come from?
 Two boys in a wheelbarrow
Pretending to drive the tractor!

We had a fantastic time, and of course, Jackson is already asking when we can go back!  LOL

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