Friday, September 6, 2013

Jackson's Last First Day of Preschool!

This big four-year old is ready for orientation!!!
 Super hero poses!  So glad Daddy was able to come with us this year!  During orientation we walk through a sample of the preschool day and listen to the teacher--I wanted Josh to come with for this since it's way more insight into the program than he ever got just dropping off or picking up on a random day!
 I LOVE how this picture turned out :)
 I don't even know...
Orientation went really well!  There is such a difference from last year!  I am SO happy we returned for a second year to Good Shepherd Lutheran--it is refreshing to not be the new kids on the block figuring everything out.  Jackson was so relaxed at orientation (after some initial trepidation about switching teachers), and he was excited to see a couple of familiar faces.  As a mom, it made my heart happy that the teachers already could call Jackson by name, and that I recognized some kids and parents.  Mrs. MacHenry is Jackson's teacher this year, and she is wonderful!  We loved everything she said about her plans for the year.  We are thrilled that all of her plans work towards the larger goal of the class being ready for Kindergarten!  
 Ready to go this morning for the first day!!!
 Our old-looking boy--so handsome :)
Brothers!  Graham was a wee little squirt in this picture last year...

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