Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mimi Visits!

 This just about sums up everything we love about having Mimi here!  Everyone gets to fill their bucket with a little special attention and some Mimi time :)  My mom pretty much takes over bedtime with Jackson, and their reading time together is something he really loves.
 Graham had THE BEST time playing with Mimi!  He suckered her into getting down all sorts of things he doesn't usually have access to.  LOL  They have their own bond for sure :)
 We took Graham to Barnes and Noble one morning, and they had this cute cut-out advertisement for one of our favorite books: The Day the Crayons Quit.  You have to look carefully to see Graham's sweet, little face poking through...
 After the bookstore, we met Susie and Ben for lunch at Firehouse--needless to say, Graham LOVED it!
 We celebrated Jackson's birthday early with Mimi.  She and Bampa got him an excellent start to his Lego collection!  
 Graham checking out the new fun
Jackson whipped this baby out right away!  

We had a GREAT trip, as always.  Lots of hanging out, eating, and shopping.  Mimi got to see one of Jackson's soccer games, and we even got an extra night with her since their was control tower craziness going on in Chicago.  WOO HOO!!!  Counting down to Thanksgiving now...

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