Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jackson Turns Six: Lego Party!

We threw a Lego Birthday Party!!!  I had a great time putting all of this together.  Pinterest is a dangerous place...  I made a Lego Party board and just kept pinning!
 Luckily, others before me have done this, and I was able to borrow a Minifigure cake pan and Lego brick candy molds from friends :)  This little Lego dude did not turn out quite as I had imagined, BUT, I was pretty pleased, but Jackson LOVED it!
 I also made TONS of cupcakes topped with candy Legos!  We also used Lego guys to hold the candles :)
 Lego cupcake tower!
 Mini-figure cut-outs with "6's"
 "Happy Birthday" banner
 As friends arrived, there were blank mini-figures to decorate
 Lego brick banner
The favors were bowls of Legos to take home!  Each bowl also had activity cards included, so there were some ideas of what to build.
 Jackson's creation out of his favor bowl! 
 Juice boxes turned into Lego bricks
 Eating dinner!
 The BEST grill guy around :)

We were SO lucky to have tons of friends come to celebrate!  I got on a roll taking pictures of everyone...and then I got distracted :(  Sadly, not all of our friends are pictured here.
 Ashleigh and Kaitlyn
 Coach Jon and Alek
 Lillian, Heidi and Griff
 Alex and Lucy
 Heidi, me and Katie
 Tatiana and Izzy photobombed by Olivia
 Ready for birthday singing!
 "Happy birthday, dear Jackson!"
 I LOVE this shot!
 Joe and Ben
 Spencer was awesome enough to lend us his enormous collection of Legos for playing at the party.  He also stayed late with a few other friends, and this little group of guys had a blast building, playing and enjoying their love of Legos :)

Jackson has such a fun time, and we all so enjoyed spending this special time with so many wonderful friends!

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