Monday, October 27, 2014

Tour of the Fire Department!

Yesterday morning we headed out to a picnic meet and greet of area geocachers.  We did this last year, and it was really fun!  Lunch is a potluck, and the area we meet it really awesome--there is a covered pavilion, a playground, built in grills, basketball courts, and the whole thing is fenced in!  We played at the playground first...
 It was a beautiful fall day!
 This little boy is getting more and more self-sufficient at playgrounds :)
 There is also a whole area with these nice swings!
 Cute brothers :)
 Hanging out with the statues
 And the fox statues.
 We were having a plenty good time eating and hanging out, but then the fire chief of Dumfries Triangle Volunteer Fire Department Station 503 offerred to take us back to the adjacent fire station and have a tour (his wife organizes the picnic each year)!!!  Um, yes please!!!
 Jackson loved sitting in all of the different trucks!  Graham only wanted to check them out from a distance...
 Seeing all of the controls
 Trying out the big seat
 Jackson was a great listener on our impromptu field trip!  We learned that fire engines carry hoses and other equipment to pump water while fire trucks carry the really big attached ladders.
 This was as close as Graham would get to sitting in the truck!
Fireman Jackson :)
We had a GREAT time on our private tour--made all of our days!  We also got loaded up with new hats, coloring pages, crayons, water bottles, band aid carriers, etc.!  

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