Monday, October 13, 2014

Impromptu Staycation

We didn't slow down post-birthday celebrations!  We actually had planned to go camping this weekend, but the weather didn't agree :(  We ended up having a pretty fun staycation-like weekend!  On Saturday, we got out in the afternoon to Burke Lake Park to do some geocaching.  It was pretty stroller friendly, so Graham and I hung out on the main path, while Jackson and Josh did some exploring into the woods.  We ended up being out for quite a while, and it just became a smart decision to stop and grab dinner at Qdoba on the way home ;)  That always makes for a good break for me :)  

Sunday we planned out a really fun adventure day to go do some big geocaching AND apple picking!
We started out at Conway Robinson State Park in Gainesville. This was SUCH A FUN PARK!!! Our main mission was a letterbox with a whole castle theme. This find marked Josh's 800th cache!!! There were tons of fun things to see! Then we hit up Stribling Orchard for our annual apple picking. 

First find of the morning!
Behind Jackson was a tiny hallway where there was a ledge with our final clue to find the letterbox.
Josh and Jackson in "the castle!"
Graham and me in "the castle."
Standing under the skylight in "castle."
This cache was labelled as a dungeon. I totally see why!
We stumbled upon this tee-pee in between caches!
Jackson is holding a ping-pong ball fake eye in front of an "ogre" cache. This is his ogre stance! 
We found a random antler on the ground! 
We stopped for a picnic lunch, and then we headed out to see how many more finds we could pick up.  Obviously we hoped for some sort of rest for Graham.  After a full round of "The Ants Go Marching" forwards and backwards, and the beginning of "Baa Baa Blacksheep," we FINALLY achieved 20 minutes of this:
 He cried SO hard when he woke up! His poor neck!

Graham and I used the GPS to navigate ourselves here all by ourselves! This was a cache on a bridge with "troll" in the name 

Halloween Shirts 2014!
This picture was at the end of apple picking--after all of the rain we had during :/  It actually was fine--we still enjoyed ourselves, and the crowds left when the rain started!  We picked twice the amount of apples because I got a tad confused as to how much we usually pick...  And, again, it was conveniently late in the afternoon, and we were far from home, so we stopped at Dickey's for some of our favorite BBQ for dinner :)  

Today, we spent BAKING!  Happy Fall!

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