Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween with Our Fire Fighter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

 Halloween morning--I loved their Halloween shirts this year!  And socks :)  The Dollar Spot at Target is offering some awesome fun socks for the holidays!
 Silly faces!
 Getting ready to Trick or Treat!
 Jackson got this awesome sweatshirt for his birthday, so he was mostly all set with his costume.  I checked out Pinterest, and I loved the idea to spray paint an aluminum baking pan green as the shell!  We used bungee cords to strap it across his chest.  
 Both costumes were quite cute from the back too :)
 I loved this idea I found on a blog for Graham's costume.  He is OBSESSED with fire trucks!  I found  black pants and shirt at Walmart and used regular duct tape and yellow duct tape to make the stripes on the shirt and pants.  On the back of the shirt, I ironed on glow-in-the-dark letters and outlined them in yellow puffy paint.  I splurged on these awesome fireman rain boots since he needed them anyways.  He LOVED the whole thing :)
 Off they go!  We brought the stroller in case Graham got tired, but he didn't even look twice at it!  
 Graham got the hang of this whole procedure REALLY QUICKLY ;)  His bag was rather big for him, so he would immediately drop it after getting his candy and expect one of us to pick it up and carry it to the next house where he would ask for it back.  LOL
 Sorting the stash and handing out candy to the last few trick-or-treaters :)  We had a great time watching both boys "get it" this year :)

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