Sunday, November 23, 2014


If I had a penny for every time I promised myself I'd be more diligent about updating the blog...  I'm serious about it now!!!  Each day I look at Jackson and Graham and can't believe how big they are!  I know years from now, their "big-ness" now will seem small, and I want to make sure I can sit and be sappy with all of my old blog posts whenever I feel like it.  So, my early resolution is to carve out a small chunk of time most days to post something, even if it's just a picture or two.  
 Both boys LOVE this Snoopy at our neighborhood Walmart!  Graham loves when we have enough time for a little visit :)
 Getting outfitted for Owen's TMNT birthday party!  None of the costume stayed on for very long, but how cute is my little Michelangelo?!  Jolene went all out and made each child a personalized shell.  They each got to choose the color of their mask and a weapon of choice.  So cool!
 And Leonardo--Jackson came prepared with his own hoodie ;)
 Ready to bake!
 Brothers by the fire :)
 Silly faces (and the end of failed holiday-card-picture-taking-session-#1...)
 One of our Zencuch Girls Mornings!  We love when they hang out before school :)  
 This also happened to be Crazy Hair Day for Izzy and Jackson!
 Yummy cookies for Graham and Lucy for a morning snack while visiting a friend at work!
 Hallie joins the crowd :)
 They laid their friends down and read them stories.
 So cute!
Graham was already in bed, but these three were cute snuggle bugs!

That was a slightly cheaty way to catch up on some of the randomness of the last few weeks!

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