Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Long-Weekend Adventures

Life did not slow down after Halloween!  That weekend was a four day weekend due to a teacher workday and election day.  Jackson had his first job of petsitting!
 It's always fun to take a long a friend to show her the ropes!  Ben, the guinea pig, 
 Moe, the cat, and there was also Jake, the fish.  Jackson LOVED visiting the animals and checking on them each day!
 We had Jackson's last soccer game on Sunday.  Here is our cute cheerleader!
 BEST surprise: Mrs. LeBel came to the game to watch Jackson and Athan "versus" each other!  Such good buddies with such an awesome Kindergarten teacher :)
 Chatting during a break
 Trophy #4!
 Go Eagles!!!  Another fabulous season in the books!
 We hopped in the car right away and headed to Staunton for a visit with Uncle Larry and Aunt Murph!  We got there just in time for a yummy dinner, and the boys did a great job entertaining everyone :)  Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne came to have dinner too!  It was a great night for a fire and hanging out to catch up a bit.
 We had a little lazy morning packing back up to head out for the rest of the day.  We said our good-byes, got in a quick visit with Goldie when she came to do some painting, and headed out for the park and Gramma J's house!
 Graham loves wearing any backpack!
 Checking out the ducks at Gypsy Hill.  It was a great fall morning to enjoy walking around and the fresh air.
 Having fun at the playground! After this we drove over to Gramma J's, played, colored, went out for lunch, napped, played outside, and had some pizza for dinner before heading back home.  
 After naptime, we did take a little detour over to Aunt Jenny's house!  She has all sorts of different chickens, ducks, and dogs!
 Checking for eggs...
 Jackson found some!  Graham found one...and he promptly threw it like a ball... :(
 Gaston, the duck.
 Graham spent most of his time sitting right here!
 I just got a kick out of the contents of this wagon when we walked up :)
 Chickens love grapes!?
 Aunt Jenny got the tractor started for a bit and took Jackson for a little ride.
 Then he enjoyed using the leaf blower!  LOL  We should put him to work in our yard...
 The final activity: staining the coop!
 Graham, the diligent student.
 What lucky boys to get a ride back to the house :)  There are now little piggies at the Hamer Farm, so we need to go back soon!!!
 Yesterday morning, Jackson finally got to ride the Metro!!!  We all left the house pretty early, and Graham and I dropped off Jackson and Josh at the Springfield Metro.  They rode the rest of the way to Crystal City where Graham and I picked Jackson back up.  We killed a little time before Barnes and Noble opened by walking a nice little trail to find this cache hidden in an evergreen.
 Then we had a lovely date to Barnes and Noble for some train playing and lots of book reading :)
Last, but not least, we voted!!!  We packed a lot into the weekend and had a lot of fun :)

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