Monday, August 26, 2013

Our DC Getaway!

Our friends (who happen to be neighbors), Aimee and Dave, offered to keep the boys so Josh and I could get a little time away!  WOO HOO!!!  We dropped them off Saturday morning at 10 for a glorious weekend away in DC!  LOL  We were brainstorming other destinations, but this was PERFECT!  There was such a short commute time and we already knew our way around the city.  We also found so many things to do that we had never done!  How is that possible?  The weather was also beautiful :)

I wish I had taken a few more pictures, but we did a pretty good job!  We drove straight to Capitol Hill and wandered around the Eastern Market.  We had never done this, and we had such a good time!  There were tons of fruit and veggie vendors WITH SAMPLES!  Everything was yummy!  There were also tons of artsy vendors, and that was really fun to check out.  After the market, we ate lunch at Matchbox, which was the perfect first kid-less meal of the weekend :)  I had told Josh that we should pick somewhere really great, and we did!  So many of the restaurants in Capitol Hill have open air seating, so we sat inside, but right by the huge opened wall to the outside.  We had fig and prosciutto pizza, and it was AMAZING!

We were able to check into our hotel early, so we headed to do that and hang out.  We got a great deal on Hotwire, and we stayed at the Loews Madison Hotel not far from the White House.
LOVED this bed that I couldn't hear any kids crying from ;)
Such grown-up decorating
Fancy-feeling bathroom
After relaxing and enjoying the fact that we were on no time schedule, we headed out to dinner in Chinatown.  We walked by the White House, and then we ate at Jackey Cafe, and it was really yummy!
After dinner we wandered all around the Capitol.  We got some pretty views as the sun was setting.

From the Capitol we walked all the way back to Capitol Hill to have dessert at Ted's Bulletin.  They have adult milkshakes.  Multiple flavors.  We tried The Dirty Girl Scout and The Nutty Professor and they were sinfully delicious!
We had walked A TON, so we went ahead and rode Metro back to the hotel where we didn't have to put anyone to bed!  LOL

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