Friday, August 16, 2013

Jackson's First Dentist Trip!

 FINALLY Jackson had his first trip to the dentist!  I found a dentist I really liked last summer, but then we changed our insurance, and I wanted to find a dentist I really liked before taking Jackson.  That took forever, so I just took a leap, and made us both appointments for the same day!  Dr. Toyer at Lifetime Dental Care was awesome!  Jackson did SUCH a good job--he didn't act nervous at all!  They have a special pediatric room with a floor to ceiling mural of fish and underwater life along with a TV on the ceiling so he was able to watch a movie!  
Miss Meg (the awesome with children hygienist) took X-rays (using the cute smiley smock on the wall), counted his teeth, brushed his teeth, put fluoride on his teeth, and then Dr. Toyer came in to check things out.  Jackson does have two small cavities we have to go back to get filled, but overall he got a great report!!!  I was so proud of him :)  

After his exam, Jackson got a goody bag with toothpaste, a fun dinosaur flosser, and a Transformer toothbrush he got to pick out.  He also got a special coin to use in the waiting room to get a prize.  Of course, that was his favorite part :)  He also got a balloon with a tooth on it, AND he got to play in the fun toy area while I had my exam!  SCORE!  We are happy campers :)


  1. Jackson is such a brave kid! No wonder he had a lot of prizes after the session. Plus, he had such a fun experience in his first dental appointment. This is helpful in building his confidence for future visits. I’m sure he’ll look forward to every trip to the dentist.

    Fred Lehmann

  2. I think having a TV on the ceiling is a bright idea! That’s an excellent way to distract the kids from what’s coming, which some find scary for some reason. I've even seen some that has a screen attached to an armchair-like appendage, so they can move the screen accordingly. Anyway, kudos to both of you for having a little cavities to report. Have a nice day!

    Rudy Spencer @ LBDP