Monday, August 26, 2013

Our DC Getaway Part 2

Yesterday, we took our time getting ready to go in the morning, and then we actually set off to do some geocaching!  We found some awesome caches, but I have that all in a separate post...  Lunch was our next stop at Merzi.  It is similar to Chipotle in its set-up, but it's Indian food, and it was DELICIOUS!!!  From there we wandered around quite a few Smithsonain gardens--we never had seen most of these!  There are bunches of them tucked into the touristy chaos of the city!  There is even a separate website for the gardens!  
Pretty roses!
Cool sculpture!

After walking around we went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for dinner.  I may or may not have napped, and that was amazing to just nap, and not have to get up when someone else woke up!  We had made a reservation at Founding Farmers for dinner.  It was really eclectic inside, and they had the most amazing cornbread appetizer!  We took our time eating and then headed out to walk around the monuments.  
We spent awhile on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial people-watching and enjoying the beautiful evening!
Then we spent a while hanging out at the WWII Memorial.  Check out those sky colors!
The work to repair the earthquake damage is almost done on the Washington Monument.  In the meantime, this scaffolding looks pretty neat at night all lit up.
This was our first time seeing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at night.  It was beautiful!
From The Mall we meandered back to where we had parked our car (to make sure Josh could find it in the morning to move it--we found a free spot for pretty much the whole weekend, but starting on weekdays there is a 2-hour limit), and we found dessert at The Shake Shack!  Another yummy find!

We took our time again getting ready this morning, and we checked out of the hotel on our way to lunch.  We ate at Cosi before heading to explore the National Archives.  I had been there a LONG time ago, and I never knew there were so many exhibits besides the three major documents!  Josh had never been, so this was a great outing.  We spent some time at this really pretty fountain we discovered yesterday before deciding to head out of the city and back towards Dumfries.  We actually did a little grocery shopping, a fair bit of geocaching, and dinner at Qdoba before heading to the Walburgers' to pick up the boys.  I was so happy to see them, and it seemed to have gone really well!  We could not be more thankful that our boys were in such good hands while we got a little respite :)

And, while we were walking around, we saw this:
What are the odds???

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