Thursday, August 22, 2013

Family Waterpark Night and Girls' Night Out!

 Yesterday we met Sarah, David, Maddie, Brodie and Mary at the Ida Lee Waterpark for some hanging out and catching up!  It was pretty hot when we pulled up and got started, but it quickly clouded up and got a bit chilly.  We still had a great time :)  Mary and Graham were good sports while the big kids thoroughly enjoyed the water!
 Snacktime during breaktime!
 These were their responses to my request for silly faces...  We brought picnics to munch on while we swam, but as it got later, we decided to pack it up and go get ice cream!
 YUM!  Lots of bright colors in those ice cream cups...
We were eating our ice cream right by this motorcycle, and the rider asked Jackson if he wanted to push the start button to turn it on!  How cool!  I was so proud of Jackson for actually doing it!  Photo credit to Sarah for being prepared in this situation :) 
While we had a fabulous time with the Bascoms (especially since we hadn't seen them all summer!), tonight I went out with the other girls in the neighborhood for Talon Drive Gals' Dinner Out :)  We went to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner, and we had SUCH a good time!  We got to chat uninterrupted and have our dinners brought to us instead of running around like crazy people at dinner time.  I feel SO blessed that our neighbors by chance have become friends by choice :)

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